Group: Ford Foundation
Topic: Power, Equity and Democracy

Group: The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Topic: Well-Being in America: An Innovation Lab

Group: Local Montana Nonprofit Programming
Topic: Local Montana Issues

Group: Solutions Journalism Network
Topic: Complicating the Narrative: Nuanced Coverage of Controversial Issues

Group: Blueprint Local and New Localism
Topic: Future of Community Developmen

Group: Project Drawdown
Topic: The Feminist Climate Renaissance

Group: Aspen Institute Center for Native American Youth
Topic: Empowering Cross-Cultural Leaders

Group: Joyce Foundation
Topic: Toward a Fair and Just Response to Gun Violence

Group: Babson College Executive Education
Topic: Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Social Sector

Group: The National Community of Practice on Local Housing Policy
Topic: Local Housing Solutions Institute

Group: Big Shift Independent Media Project
Topic: News deserts

Group: Sharecare
Topic: Accelerating Well-Being in Georgia

Group: Marcus Institute for Brain Health
Topic: Advancing Therapy for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury

Group: Land Trust Alliance
Topic: Common Ground: Creating a Shared Vision for Conservation

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